Tuesday, February 13, 2007

PacifiCorp wants to keep dams

Here's the latest on the Klamath Dams saga. It seems that PacifiCorp, part of Warren Buffet's financial empire, is willing to spend the estimated $3oo million it will take to build the fish ladders needed for salmon to get on the other side of the four dams on the Klamath River instead of taking out the dams and restoring the river to its historic flows. Some studies show taking out the dams would cost less than building the fish ladders.

PacifiCorp is not ruling out breaching the dams, but this is still a blow to those (including me) that hoped the high cost of the fish ladder system would cause PacifiCorp to tear down the dams for financial, if not environmental, reasons.

There's a couple of good videos on YouTube of the Klamath Dam controversy. Click on the link or go to the home page and use the keyword "klamath".

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